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All offshore lifting operations must be carefully planned so that foreseeable risks have been accounted for and relevant controls put into place.


Nodal can assist in writing an appropriate plan, surveying the area of the lift and creating the necessary risk assessments, lift plans, rigging specifications and summary drawings in accordance with industry standards including the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).


Where specialist on bespoke lifting equipment is necessary to conduct a lifting operation in a controlled, safe and efficient manner. We provide the necessary technical knowhow and experience to design and/or supply the right tools for the job.


Engineering input from Nodal at planning stage has saved our customers considerable time and resources during lifting operations over and above providing clear, methodical and safe procedures for offshore teams to work to.

Image courtesy of TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd

  • Lift Planning and Risk Assessment


  • Development of Lifting Operation Plans & Procedures


  • Rigging Load Calculations / COG Calculations


  • Rigging Equipment Specification and Review


  • Review of Rigging Points / Supporting Steelwork


  • Supervision of Lifting Operations


  • Rigging Arrangements


  • Step by Step Lifting Operations Drawings

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