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We specialise in the analysis of onshore and offshore drilling structures to API Specification 4F and associated standards for the purpose of new build, remedial or upgrading the capacity of existing rigs.


Our clients are provided with a comprehensive engineering verification report including:


  • Rated Capacity

  • Load Graphs

  • Footing Loads

  • Structural Stresses

  • Structural Deflections

  • Bolted and Welded Connections Verification


Our engineers shall provide a detailed list of recommendations for any modifications necessary to ensure the structure can operate safely within required operational and environmental parameters, and class and regulatory requirements.


The services we provide include:


  • Structural Design & Analysis

  • Connections Design & Verification

  • Modifications Design & Verification

  • On-site Engineering Consultancy

  • Mast Raising Analysis

  • Mast Guying Review (API 4G)

  • Mast Stability Review

  • Damaged Rig Capacity Review


Operational requirements and regulations change over time and existing rig equipment may not have current documentation or certification in place to verify its capacity.


Nodal provide independent structural design and verification of rig components to API 8C and associated standards including, but not limited to the following:


  • Crown Components

  • Mast Raising Components

  • Racking Boards

  • Rod Boards

  • Guide Rails

  • Pipe Racking Equipment Supports

  • Wind Walls

  • Hang-off Padeyes


Time, operational or cost constraints can lead to the use of guyed land rigs in areas unsuitable for an adequate guying pattern. This invariably results in higher risk to drilling crews and equipment, and the potential for significant downtime in the event of a mast twisting or collapsing.


Nodal provide the experience and capability to conduct a thorough review of rig stability for given locations and provide bespoke engineering solutions to permit the safe use of guyed land rigs as freestanding structures.

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